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OmniFocus: A secure cloud sync option explained


Justin Blanton of Hypertext raises an interesting issue concerning OmniFocus cloud sync. Everyone agrees the combination OmniFocus for Mac and iOS is a wonderful organisational tool. I use it extensively but, like Justin, I worry about security. Synchronisation, especially via OmniGroup’s free service, works well. But ultimately, in common with all similar services, including iCloud and Dropbox, it is not secure.

I cope with this by not keeping anything sensitive in OF. Any secure stuff I keep in DevonThinkPro synced to an encrypted sparsebundle on Dropbox. It would be good, however, not to have to worry about the odd bit of classified information creeping into the OF database.

Justin, who is a very heavy user of OF and deals with a lot of client-sensitive information, has found a solution in Cloud Safe. It offers secure, encrypted synchronisation. I will investigate this, both for my DevonThink Pro database (which, when the chips are down, is best stored outside a sparsebundle) and for Omni.


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