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Dr.Drang: Cup that cheers meets its Wigan Pier


Wigan Pier, 1939, photo courtesy of Wigan WorldLast week I penned a tongue-in-cheek response to Dr. Drang’s witty routine of microwave tea making where the mug handle always stops in the  right position on the carousel. His Leancrew.com site is a treasure trove of such technicality and entertainment and I remain in awe.

I am now taken to task, not personally, but among a long list of other commentators on his piece, for not having mentioned George Orwell’s classic tea-making routine published in the Evening Standard in 1946.

I am indeed ashamed. This is especially so since, unknown to Dr. Drang and my readers, I was actually born on Wigan Pier. Yes, folks, in the second barge on the left. I therefore claim a very tenuous connection to Orwell. Very tenuous.  So I am doubly shamed for having forgotten the author’s tribute to the tea leaf. I hope this puts the record straight.


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