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My big red Apple and the white MacBook


I wish I had the nerve to paint my apple logo red like “I did it myself” Nerev, pictured here outside a local west London pub where the wifi is free and plentiful.

What the iPhone snap doesn’t show clearly is the bright green stalk. An artistic job by any standards, and it makes the WhiteBook look really special. My black Speck-shrouded MacBook Air is positively dowdy by comparison.



  1. It was actually done using semi-transparent vinyls! thanks for noticing! really easy to do, just need a bit of courage and a disregard for Warranties 😉 plenty of tutorial on how to achieve a similar effect on YouTube

  2. Now I'm disillusioned. I thought you were an up and coming Leonardo. Still, it's good to hear we lesser mortals have a chance of getting it right. You have a point about the warranty, though.



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