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Excellent Horse-like Lady works her fingers to the bone


I don’t know about you, but I have always been pretty fascinated by closed countries such as North Korea. There is something unreal in the total isolation of an entire country, especially in these days of instant communications. We spend our lives texting, yacking on the phone and roaming the world via broadband, so it is difficult to imagine a world without connections to the outside. 

Glimpses into such societies are little nuggets and, when they do emerge, they are all the more interesting for their exclusiveness. Music videos from the Democratic Republic are particularly rare since YouTube doesn’t extend to Pyongyang. And none is rarer than this example sung by Hyon Sol-wol who is thought to be the person seen recently in public with North Korea’s new leader, Kim Jong-Un. Feast your eyes on this track, entitled Excellent Horse-like Lady, as Sol-wol excels in the textile factory and single-handedly meets the Five Year Plan.

(Via Mashable)


  1. Splendid stuff… quite inspired me to get up and get to work…. Ah the joys of fulfilling the 5 Year Plans of our dear Leader and his friends… Who are of course much too delicate to actually work with us… Good stuff Michael, thanks for the superb video…


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