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Social Savages: iPads and smartphones join family dinner


Better break out the woad and the loincloth: We are social savages, according to British newspaper, The Telegraph. Most Britons now no longer eat as a family; and of those that do still sit down together, four in every ten take their iPads and smartphones along for the meal.

The new social savagery is everywhere and not just at the dining table. Just step into the street and the communal atmosphere has gone. Most pedestrians are in their private bubbles, either speaking on their mobiles or wearing headsets – perhaps so they don’t have to listen to others speaking on theirs.

Young people, says the newspaper, are the worst offenders. Again, it’s not surprising. By the time they become old people there will be something new for future young people to annoy them with. While I agree phones can sometimes be annoying, I’m afraid it is just something we will have to get used to. 


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