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Smaller Apple tablet would be iPad Air


Rumours about a smaller iPad are music to my ears. Ever since the launch of the original iPad and Steve Jobs’ disparaging remarks about a seven-incher, I have harboured a secret wish for a smaller format.

A smaller, thinner iPad–more a larger iPod touch–would be the MacBook Air to the big iPad’s MacBook Pro, retina screen and all. The success of the Air, particularly of the 11in version, proves that even power users are prepared to sacrifice size and features in the quest for convenience and portability.

The only downside from Apple’s point of view is the risk of cannibalising the existing range. But then this will happen anyway, with likes of the Nexus 7. So why not join in the party?

I now believe we will see a thin, gorgeous 7ish-inch iPad at a very attractive price. It is something I shall be very happy to carry around all the time without a thought. This is not so with the current large and rather bulky device.

Roll on the iPad Air.


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