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Running on Air: Big on performance, light on the back


For the past two or three months I’ve been chatting with fellow writers Austin White (ThoughtfulDesign.net) and Pietro Montalcino (Macography.net) about our experiences with the new MacBook Air. We’ve all bought them and we’re not alone among tech writers.

It looks like almost everyone has taken to the Air and, in many cases, it has become the primary workhorse for their business. It isn’t hard to understand. Here is a computer that does everything most people need. It is plenty fast; it copes with everything you can throw at it. Above all, though, it is small and very light—especially the little eleven-incher. If you need a portable laptop and want to stay with Apple, there is really no other choice.

To emphasise the point, Austin White has been running his new and successful series, Running on Air, where he interviews well-known MacBook Air owners and asks them how they manage to run their businesses or their blogs on the machine. It’s fascinating stuff. So far he’s focused on Steve Kamb, Lynn Rosskamp, Bill Barnes and Myke Hurley. You can catch up with the series here.


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