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Welcome to MacFilos on Squarespace 6


After much burning of midnight oil I have finally pressed the button to take MacFilos to the new Squarespace 6 host. I found a template I like [1] and have decided to compromise on small details which irk but which can probably be changed later.

I like the uncluttered nature of the post area on this template. All the options, including comment, author, date, tags and categories, are assembled in small icons (too small, I fear) at the foot of each article. This makes for a very clean appearance although, unfortunately, it isn’t as helpful or as obvious as it could be. Regular commentators will have to search for the comment button: it is the leftmost icon at the foot of the post but you definitely need your reading glasses.

Squarespace 6 boasts new LayoutEngine technology which helps create “visually rich pages with any configuration of text, images, or blocks by dragging items exactly where you want them.” It sounds simple, but I suppose I will get used to it.

The good thing about Squarespace is that it is like painting by numbers. You can change the appearance and content without knowing a line of code. That’s how I like it, so we shall have to see how things develop from here.

  1. For other Squarespace users, this template is Amelie with some small cusomisation by me.  ↩