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Apple enters zimmer-frame territory


Apple’s appeal to youth is slipping as oldies become the biggest fans. British research outfit, YouGov, published research indicating that Apple’s appeal to the “young and technology-enamoured” has been slipping: Here reported in Computerworld:

According to the company’s BrandIndex, since mid-July 2011, Apple’s biggest supporters are consumers 35 years and older. Meanwhile, the younger age group of 18 to 34 — once the demographic most smitten with Apple — has trended downward since then.

Ted Marzilli, global managing director for BrandIndex, isn’t too worried by the apparent trend:

The rising scores expressed by older consumers point to Apple as a mainstream brand. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it has obvious advantages. Microsoft has been mainstream for 30 years. The key is to be both mainstream and still perceived as cool and innovative, that’s the ideal.

I thought things were getting crowded and pretty technical here at the rest home.

  According to Computerword, the large dip in Apple
According to Computerword, the large dip in Apple’s “Buzz Score” in the summer of 2010 was down to “Antennagate”, the ten-minute wonder of the iPhone 4’s call reception. (Image: YouGov”s BrandIndex)