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Running on Air with Michael Evans


A quiet Monday on the tech news front and I’m sitting in Eleftherios Venizelos international airport, Athens, waiting for an onward connection. A surprise, then, to find that I have been featured in Austin White’s thoughtful series, Running on Air.

As Austin says, I am a great proponent of minimalism, and no serious computer is more minimal that Apple’s 11in MacBook Air. I have had the new, fast 2.0GHz model for six weeks and am totally delighted with it. I absolutely made the right decision to abandon my dalliance with a retina MacBook Pro order and return to the Air fold.

I was pondering this earlier today as I walked through the departing Olympic host at London Heathrow and then, an hour or so later, as I ran through the halls of Zurich’s Terminal A in true 100-meters fashion. My Air and Macbook were a light burden in the Tom Bihn Empire Builder bag.

As Austin says, I was running on Air.