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Orientation independent: A pimple of a good idea


Of all the rumours I’ve heard about the expected new iPhone dock, largely focusing on the number of pins, the most positive thing to look forward to is orientation independence. This translates into your being able to plug it in either way up.

In contrast, the current dock plug can go in only one way. Forcing it otherwise will soon lead to expensive problems. So being able to click it in (a magsafe option would be ideal but unlikely) is the best thing that could happen to us.

By my bed a keep two charger cables, one for the phone, one for the iPad (so it’s ready for reading the news in the morning). Often I try to plug in these cables in the dark and fail miserably. I have to switch on the light. It has always amazed me that Apple, with its emphasis on accessibility, never thought to put a little pimple on the top surface.

After September 12 there should be no need for pimples.