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Hello and welcome to Squarespace


by Mike Evans, 17 August 2012

One week with Squarespace 6 and we are already feeling part of a new, fast-growing family. Suddenly, Squarespace has burst on to the tech word’s consciousness, not least because of an aggressive sponsorship campaign that is paying dividends.

Latest convert is Stephen Hackett of 512Pixels. This is what he had to say.

Macfilos has now been with Squarespace 5 for two years and hasn’t looked back. New version 6 offers incredible levels of customisation and site design without expecting any technical knowledge from the user. Other site engines, in particular the ever-popular WordPress, can be daunting for the non-expert who doesn’t know what CSS means, never mind how to do it.

Squarespace 6 is the nearest you will get to painting your website by numbers.