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Macfilos and the new Squarespace template


by Mike Evans, 18 August 2012

Since we moved Macfilos to this new template, which I actually like a lot, we have had a number of comments from readers. Many objected to the rather sparten appearance of posts, without the usual details of author, date, tags and categories.

All this information is there, but you need to hover over the tiny icons at the foot of each post. Nothing I can do about their size–they are definitely too small–until the template is upgraded. It’s particularly hard for anyone who wants to make a comment. The little speech bubble icon, the first in the row of icons, is not at all obvious.

Clicking on the header of the post takes you to a comment form, so that’s something to bear in mind. Yet none of this should be necessary and I continue to look at possibilities of improvement.

Post author and date have been the subject of most requests, so I have temporarily solved this by using a TextExpander snippet which automatically adds the name and current date to the top of the post. Look out for further improvements as I get more used to the system.