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More apologies to RSS subscribers


by Mike Evans, 20 August 2012

Since last Thursday the Macfilos RSS feed syndication has not been working. After lots of trial and error I just got Feedburner active again. I’m sorry none of my posts since Thursday were syndicated. And, again, apologies for the fact that they have just gone through in a big gaggle.

Having moved from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 6 a couple of weeks ago I had assumed that everything was in order. The RSS feed through Feedburner continued to work without any need to change the parameters. I just assumed Squarespace had taken care of this.

When Feedburner stopped working on Thursday I couldn’t believe that the answer lay simply in the feed reference (the “original feed”) because it had been working since the changeover with what transpires to be out-of-date information. Eventually, with the aid of Squarespace, I realised that the original feed reference needed to be changed.

This has now been done, but it is still not 100 percent correct and I continue to talk to Squarespace support. It is syndicating, though, and if any regular subscribers are still not receiving the posts please let me know. I now have a bigger problem, which I will cover in the next item.


  1. Hello! I’m a new Squarespace user and I’m having this very problem too! Any chance you could let me know how you were able to solve it?


  2. Kate,

    I’m not sure which specific problem you have, but I would suggest opening a ticket and asking SS to provide you with the URL you need to use with Feedburner. Since my original hiccup I seem to have it working well.


  3. Yes… I’m in a loooongwinded conversation with support that isn’t leading anywhere. 🙂 Thanks anyway.

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