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Fiddle with iCloud at your peril


When I was a kid visiting the seaside I would put a penny in the slot and spend a happy ten minutes trying to grab a bar of chocolate or a fluffy toy. Of course, I never did. iCloud document storage reminds me of one of those machines: Much promise, but poor delivery.

In the past I’ve written about creating symbolic links between Dropbox and data files in the user Library. I’ve never had a problem and no one has taken me to task for screwing up their data.

With similar experience, T J Luoma, writing in TAUW, made the mistake of trying to link his iCloud folder to Dropbox on the basis that Dropbox provides an easy-to-access backup in case of disaster.

Read his tale of doom and gloom here.

iCloud is probably a wonderful idea for non-fiddlers: Those who just do things and expect them to work. The syncing reliability of Contacts, Calendars and all the other PIM apps is legendary. But when it comes to documents and organising documents, iCloud has its problems.

by Mike Evans, 22 August 2012

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