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Broken links in Squarespace 6, continued


The problem with broken links to historic postings, first noted by Stephen Hackett, is still unresolved. When I transferred the site from Squarespace 5, where all URLs included the /home page pointer, this was stripped out of all past links. I had not expected this, particularly since I was essentially upgrading to the latest version of Squarespace.

Result is that anyone using a search engine will not find the specific article but will end up at the current home page. This is extremely frustrating, both for me and for readers. The problem isn’t confined to Macfilos and Squarespace engineers are working towards a fix.

The fix cannot come soon enough.`The current situation is inconveniencing everyone who looks for an item prior to early August this year. One corollary is a big increase in the use of the Index and Search pages. Clearly lots of visitors are not put off by the broken links and are going to the trouble of seeking out the information by means of the site tools. I can be grateful that the frustrated searchers end up at the Home page instead of a cryptic 404.

None of these problems relate to August items posted after the move to Squarespace 6: The latest URLs stored by Google and other search engines are correct.

by Mike Evans, 24 August 2012

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