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Crush of toolbar icons threatens Apple logo


Just installed Amazon Cloud, last week it was Google Drive and who knows what else will come along next week. That Mac toolbar is getting mighty crowded these days, especially on an 11in MacBook Air. You know you’re in trouble when you can’t find an old faithful icon.

I wanted Little Snapper a moment ago to copy the Amazon Cloud login box for the article. It was no longer on view and I realised it was hidden behind the application menus on the left. Soon, I imagine, my Apple logo will drop off the screen, pushed beyond endurance.

It’s a problem. I’ve pared the toolbar to the minimum (for me) but I’m still left with Little Snapper, Amazon Cloud, Text Expander, Little Snitch, Fantastical, Caffeine, DragonDrop, Evernote, Dropbox, Airplay, Bluetooth, Time Machine and all the usual stuff including volume, battery status, keyboard flag (I use two keyboards, otherwise I could ditch that one), time, username (which, craftily, I truncated to Michael when I set up the MacBook Air. Next time I’ll call me ME, pure and simple), Spotlight and new kid on the bar, Notifications.

Most of these I can remove if I want to (except the system defaults and, curiously, Amazon Cloud which doesn’t seem to have the option) but it’s useful to have them there waiting. If this carries on we will soon need a double-header toolbar.

by Mike Evans, 26 August 2012

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