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Leica Dilemma: Monochrom or M10


We have been waiting so long for the announcement of the Leica M10, CMOS-equipped successor to the M9, that there is likely to be a long waiting list when it launches next month. I’m dithering.

I thought I would to replace my M9 with the latest digital M, but I can’t get the specialist black-and-white-only M Monochrom out of my head. I’ve seen some posted results on the internet and I really fancy starting again with monochrome photography.

What do you think?

by Mike Evans, 28 August 2012

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  1. Very tough call – I have been following myself as well. I would lean toward the M10 for versatility – but then again I would have to be able to pay for the M10.

  2. IMHO, there will be no M10 announced at Photokina. Possibly a M9.2 with some improvmenents, like a higher resolution screen. All focus will be on the new Leica ME (or Q)a APS-C mirrorless, smaller, lighter, less expensive camera system which will accept M-lenses and R-lenses (using adapter). CMOS, live view, video and all the stuff we would "hate" to see on a real M….

    • Thanks, Oscar. Interesting stuff and inline with Steve Huff’s crystal ball. The 9.2 would also nicely explain the current price reductions on the M9. I will write another post and quote you of ok.

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