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Fings ain’t what the used to be: Cloud sync revives Things


There are two mainstream project/task managers for Mac that seem to be used by most of us. We’re either Thingsguys or OmniFocus fans. Ne’er the twain shall meet.

I am an unashamed Omni fan. The iPad app and, to a lesser extend, the iPhone version are superb. In fact, the iPad edition of OF can run your life. About the only thing you cannot do is create those useful perspective views that are the jewel in Omni’s crown. I would be the first to admit, however,that the venerable Mac application is just that: venerable. It desperately needs an injection of new life.

Competition is heating up now that Things has introduced cloud sync. Without this, Things was not even in the running. But from what I’ve read, the new cloud system is blindingly fast and leaves Omni’s rather leisurely handshaking way behind.

This article on Lifehack.org picks over the bones convincingly. The author, CM Smith, comes down in favour of OmniFocus, just, but it’s a close-run fing. I am not about to make the move across, but Things does looks gorgeous and I shall keep an open mind. I am now waiting for the complete redesign of Omni’s Mac app. It had better stunner, more than the equal of the iPad version.

by Mike Evans, 29 August 2012