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Squarespace 6: All our links are now working!


Since we upgraded from Squarespace 5 to the all-new Squarespace 6 platform there have been broken links in Macfilos. Essentially, all links to articles before the changeover were broken. Anyone trying to find an earlier article ended up on the current home page instead of seeing the requested item.

This has been causing me sleepless nights for nearly a month and, only yesterday, I despaired of finding a solution. I was busy crafting a friendly 404 page for misdirected visitors when I suddenly noticed an old link was actually working. Further checking showed that all the old links are now working. Magic.

Before getting too excited I checked back with Squarespace in New York. Apparently a global fix was made but it has taken a while for it to take effect on all sites. I’m not complaining and it is a great weight off my mind. I can now concentrate on writing instead of fiddling around with the nether regions of the site.

by Mike Evans, 1 September 2012