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Citizen watch syncs with your iPhone


I love watches and, for several years, was a collector of Swiss timepieces. All mechanical, hand-crafted, you understand. I never considered a much more accurate digital watch, of course. Yet my resolve is wavering and I became an early supporter of the Pebble watch on Kickstarter. It should be arriving, soon, I hope.

This Citizen Proximity Eco-Drive watch looks much more interesting and has instant appeal. Who would think that it has Bluetooth connectivity to iPhones (4S or newer, including the new iPhone launching this month)?

Using Bluetooth, the watch synchronises time and date from the phone and provides an analogue indication of calls, messages, mail and events. The second hand swings round to point to the various alerts and then stays there until you notice it. It’s not confirmed but there could be an alert vibration from the watch.

There is also a search facility which enables you to find your phone, probably by making the device ring when search is activated.

The result is a great looking watch with a bit of hidden technology that appeals to the geek in all of us. I like it. The Pebble had better be good or I shall be ordering one of these when they become available in the Autumn. Cost will be around $550 (£350).

Source: Ablogtoread.com via Engadget

by Mike Evans, 1 September 2012