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Probably the best iPhone dock we’ve seen


This Kickstarter Foundation iPhone dock is certainly unusual and worth backing. I’ve supported a few Kickstarter projects in the past and had nothing but good experiences. I shall definitely join the queue for one of the first Foundation docks, for delivery in January.

If you like the idea, make your pledge here. In case you have not dipped your toes into Kickstarter before, you pledge a fixed amount, plus international postage if outside the USA. There are a number of options from $45. I just pledged $60 (£38) including $15 international shipping. For this I get to choose the colour of the USB stalk and have the bonus of an aluminium car charger. The money is not taken from my account unless the target funding is reached and the project goes into production. Win win.

The Foundation consists of an aluminium base unit and a flexible USB stalk with attached cradle. Apparently it will accept an iPhone in a case and will also be adapted for the new iPhone.

The flexible stalk can be used with or without the base unit. It is solid enough to act like a photographic monopod to hold the phone horizontal for scanning of documents. The base unit is more than just a dumb stand. It is heavy enough to enable one-handed manipulation of the USB stalk. It also contains a 4-watt speaker, audio line out and four powered USB 2/3 sockets.

In short, it looks like the perfect solution to me: The best dock idea I’ve seen so far.

by Mike Evans, 2 September 2012