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Amazon raises the bar for ereaders and tablets

  (Photo: Allthingsd.com)
(Photo: Allthingsd.com)

Jeff Bezos is still in full flow with his Kindle pitch. Here on this side of the word it’s time for bed. But not before I’ve ticked the new Kindle Paperwhite with backlight as a potential buy. My biggest beef with the Kindle has always been the unlit screen. Now, by the looks of it, we have salvation. I shall be looking closely at the full specifications and the UK prices. It’s a pity we don’t have the iPad mini to compare it with.

The other interesting announcement is the Kindle Fire HD with Dolby sound and near-retina display. From what I’ve read already, Amazon is really trying this time round and journalists are impressed. Tomorrow morning I shall take it all in in detail, but the first impression is that they could be on to winners with both the HD and the Paperwhite.

by Mike Evans, 6 September 2012