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Everything Everywhere, er, umm, EE bah gum


What to do if you’ve saddled your cellphone network with a ridiculous name such as Everything Everywhere? You realise it is ridiculous after a mere couple of years’ gestation. But instead of thinking up something really great, you rename it EE. As we used to say in Lancashire: “Ee bah gum, tha’s a reet rum bugger tha’s getten theer”.

So welcome to EE, Britain’s first 4G network and rum bugger to boot. Will I be defecting when it bursts on to the London scene? Maybe, but it will depend on a number of factors, not least of which will be whether the 4G network is generally available. With Vodafone in central London I often have difficulty getting even 3G, so I expect 4G to be spotty at best. The other factor is price, particularly the arrangements for data roaming abroad.

If EEeeee coverage looks good and costs are reasonable, I will heading in its direction despite yet another silly name.

by Mike Evans, 12 September 2012