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Train geeks don anoraks for Berlin Fest


Tomorrow I fly to Berlin with my friend Ralf Meier from Washington (aka Trainphilos and @trainphilos) where we shall be übergeeking out on trains at InnoTrans. As a side trip, we take the train to Hamburg on Friday for a guided tour of Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway.

In Britain train geeks are known as anoraks after their favourite garment. In the US, I’m told, they are foamers. You will be glad to hear that Ralf and I will leave our anoraks behind, as befits our press credentials, but there will be much criss-crossing of the tracks and photographing of the latest hardware. If we can squeeze a minute between the tracks we will visit the new Berlin Apple Store and, of course, Meister Camera in Berlin’s Fasanenstrasse to catch a glimpse of the new Leica M.

Judging by the schedule Ralf has handed me, I doubt that I will have any time for Macfilos writing.

by Mike Evans, 19 September 2012