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iPhone 5 prone to nicks and scratches


Justin Blanton exchanged his new black iPhone for a white model after discovering scratches and nicks within hours, despite ultra-careful handling. Ben Brooks had the same problem. Now Justin reports that the replacement white phone, although less susceptible, is also gathering nicks.

All this is worrying because my new black phone is waiting for me when I get back from Berlin. Should I be changing it for a white one? If this is a universal problem, as seems likely, Apple will face criticism. Could it be the start of nickgate? As Justin asks:

Am I being ridiculous? Depends who you ask. I have serious (likely clinical) issues when it comes to this sort of thing, there’s no doubt about it, but then again, I also paid $650 for a device that I expect to look and operate flawlessly out of the box. Don’t analogize its build quality to a “finely crafted watch” and expect me to roll over when it isn’t perfect.


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