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Are you still alive, that is the question


Last week I took a sabbatical. I was up north visiting friends and family. I spent so much time chatting and walking that I had no inclination to write for Macfilos. I thought no one would notice, but I was wrong.

Today I got a concerned email from my old friend and contemporary Tony Cole who writes his ebookanoid.com ebook site from Down Under. Was I still alive, he asked. I suppose, as one gets older, this is a natural question when there has been an unexplained lack of tweeting and blogging. At least he has prompted me into putting finger to keyboard once more.

Come to think about it, what we need is a new social network to check if we tech-savvy seniors are still alive and kicking. For years my older friends have been calling one another every morning, just checking in. Now, though, we need a new service. Areyoustillalive.com sounds about right. All that will be needed is a tweet a day, just to reassure friends and family that all is well. No tweet for a week and it’s time to call the funeral home.

by Mike Evans, 22 October 2012