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Everything Everywhere under siege in clamour for 4G


Now don’t misunderstand, this is just a personal anecdote based on one visit to my local newly-designated Everything Everywhere store. Gone is T-Mobile from the High Street and the Orange shop has been rebranded as EE. Inside it was hopping, despite the bumbling activities of the two rather clueless staff (this is why we love our Apple Stores). But there was no mistaking the interest in EE’s first British 4G network. Completed contracts were piled on the counter and everyone was asking when, how much, will it work with my iPhone 5. Serious stuff, and perhaps not so surprising.

Even I was interested, despite my long association with Vodafone. Fortunately, as it happens, only long contracts are available so I can put off the decision for a month or two. Soon, though, EE will have competitive 30-day rolling contracts and where will that leave Vodafone, O2 and 3? Up the creek, I imagine, at least until they can buy some of those new bands. We customers are fickle lot and EE will take advantage of that.

by Mike Evans, 2 November 2012


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