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Microsoft Surface demolished by MG Siegler


If you are still hankering after one of those shiny Microsoft Surface tablets to replace your faithful old iPad, think again. MG Siegler of TechCrunch couldn’t get a loan device from Microsoft so he did the only thing possible to get his hands on one: He bought it for $499 plus $119 for the smart cover.

This absolutely devastating critique is the result of his test of the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT. Absolutely devastating. His expensive purchase has ended in the trashcan. Is it any wonder Microsoft did not want him to test the device?

The bottom line is that the Surface with Windows RT is far too buggy, too slow, and has far too few apps for me to recommend this to anyone. If you’re a Windows diehard or absolutely need access to Office, you should wait to see the Surface with Windows 8 Pro — or just choose any other Windows 8 PC.

I just don’t understand who would buy the Surface with Windows RT — let alone who would pay upwards of $600 for it (because it also makes no sense to get it without the Touch Cover). Take that money and get an iPad.

by Mike Evans, 27 November 2012