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iIron, Fuehrerklo and Margaret Hodge’s Kindle


Good day for wacky news. A polish man has burned the side of his face when he picked up a hot iron instead of his iPhone. The son of an American WWII veteran has unveiled Hitler’s toilet seat (Das F├╝hrerklo?) after his father had lifted it from the Berghof, Adolf’s mountain-top resort at Berchtesgaden.

Wackiest of all, left-wing Barking Member of Parliament, Margaret Hodge, has stopped using her Kindle in protest at Amazon’s alleged non-payment of taxes. Only last weekend misguided members of UK Uncut were staking out Starbucks branches in a similarly fruitless exercise. There will surely be consternation in Seattle over all this.

For my part I’ve ordered ten extra books from Amazon and two muffins to accompany my flat white. I have also topped up my Starbucks card in a sort of reverse protest at all this politically motivated taxation nonsense.

by Mike Evans, 12 December 2012