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Shock horror: iPad mini cannibalising iPad maxi


It is good to have confirmation, but it’s absolutely no surprise to me that the iPad mini is cannibalising sales of its bigger brother. I would be staggered to find that the bigger iPad is sailing majestically on its way unmolested, despite the added attractions of the iPad 4.  Cannibalisation will not worry Apple because, when the sums are done, the mini will have expanded the company’s share of the tablet market. There is now a clear competitor to the cheaper, smaller devices on the market. As we will see over the coming holiday season, Apple is at the top of most wish lists. It has the image and reputation to command a premium price. Cheaper loss-leading tablets such as the Kindle Fire will sell in big numbers, but they will sell on price, not on desirability.

Source: Apple Insider

*by Mike Evans, 12 December 2012*