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iPad mini fan club just keeps on growing


Here’s another great review of the iPad mini by Andrew Kim of Minimallyminimal.com. It’s worth a read if you are still sitting on the fence and wondering about that display:

The iPad mini is a tough product to judge. On one hand, it’s a sign of Apple’s stagnant innovation of the past two years. They still make the finest consumer electronics in my book (I’m voting with my wallet here) but they have been simply iterating on existing products recently. But here’s the thing: the iPad mini is fantastic. It may not be revolutionary, but it’s possibly my favorite Apple product since the day I got my iPhone 4 (and I loved that phone romantically).

Everyone that touches my iPad mini falls in love with it. Even people that had no interest in the gadgets I purchase were instantly allured by its tiny aluminum body. There’s something about this device that just makes you want to hold it and I’ve had to pry it out of people’s hands to get it back.

by Mike Evans, 11 January 2013