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Cinema Display with USB 3 sockets


There is tremendous latent demand for an upgraded Apple Cinema Display equipped with USB 3 sockets instead of the current USB 2. The 27-in monitor was last upgraded a year ago when Thunderbolt was added, but the continued absence of the latest USB standard is disappointing. A display such as this is a buy for, say, five years and at the end of that time USB 2 will be history. It already is, come to think of it. So to buy one now is a pretty foolish act.

There is definitely pent up demand here on my desk. My five-year-old 24in CD has given good service but the lack of Thunderbolt and USB 3 is definitely a problem. As I mentioned yesterday, the display’s DVI port hogs the MacBook Air’s solitary Thunderbolt port, so an output socket on the back of the display is absolutely essential.

by Mike Evans, 16 January 2013

Yesterday came some glimmer of hope as MacRumors disclosed that some third-party resellers are running out of the current 27in Cinema Display and there is no immediate prospect of stock replenishment. While this could be a coincidence, it could also point to an imminent product update. My money is on a thin design similar to the new iMac. Sadly, though, a retina display is unlikely unless Apple is prepared to hold off an upgrade until Quarter 3.