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iPhone Stand: Compact, stable, cheap


For the past couple of years I’ve been looking for an iPhone stand. Particularly in pre-iPad mini days when I was using the iPhone for book reading, a stand would have been useful. I contemplated buying one of those plastic plate stands but couldn’t rake up the enthusiasm. Now, however, the perfect little iPhone support has landed on my desk.

The Universal Smart Stand for Mobile Phones is a neat little device made from aluminium. It comes complete with a plastic case and weighs just 100g (90g without the case). The device opens into a tiny easel with two supporting legs and one rear propstand.

The front legs boast fold-out plastic feet which support most types of phone. They are wide enough to accommodate most phone cases and hold my phone and Belkin case securely, either in portrait or landscape. At the top, over the pivot, is a cushioned base to protect the back of the phone. This is actually one side of the lid of the plastic case which is permanently fixed to the stand.

After use the stand folds neatly and slips into the case. It looks just like a slightly oversized USB stick. A handy strap is attached to the top of the case.

I got mine from Mobilefun.co.uk and it cost a £14.95, a very reasonable price considering the quality of construction.

by Mike Evans, 9 February 2013