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iWatch watch and all that


Rumours about an Apple iWatch simply will not go away. On the basis that there is no smoke without fire, we can be sure that Apple has at least looked at the possibility of developing a wrist-mounted device. Meanwhile, my Pebble has been much heralded (last I heard shipments had started from China) but not seen.

I don’t know personally anyone who has received their Pebble but I have read several reviews, including this one by Danilo Campos in San Francisco. TechCrunch had an in-depth look at the Pebble last month but I am left underwhelmed. I cannot say I am dying to get one on my wrist, but I will keep an open mind and prepare to be astounded.

If Apple does come up with an iWatch I think it needs to be more than just another Pebble-like message-bearing wrist device. Is it too much to hope that it could be an actual wrist phone? We are surely not too far from that being a possibility, with battery technology the major hinderance. Eventually, I suspect, it will come down to phone in watch or phone in tablet, such is the faltering demand for voice calls.

by Mike Evans, 7 March 2013