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Apple Ecosystem: The happy plateau


It will soon be eight years since I gave up on Windows and moved all my stuff over to Apple. I have not regretted this for one minute and the addition of iOS devices has been icing on the Mac cake. The ability to sync a number of disparate devices via iCloud or Dropbox is something we now take for granted. Not only because it exists because, with few exceptions, it just works. Possessed of a modicum of common sense, we are now highly unlikely to lose important data than was the case five years ago.

Rumours of new products continue, of course, but for once I can say truthfully that I am satisfied with what I have. My 15in MacBook Pro Retina is the best computer I have ever owned; and the one-year-old 11in Air is by far the best travelling Mac ever. The iPhone 5 does its job and never fails to impress. Frankly, I am not sure what new features I would want.

I am also deleriously happy with the iPad mini and rate it the best iPad so far. Sure, it has its shortcomings in the screen department; no one would argue that it is as good as the retina display on the large iPad. But it does its job in all lighting conditions and I willingly trade off a lower resolution screen in exchange for the light weight and perfect screen size.

It would not worry me if a retina-equipped mini is delayed to 2014, although Apple Insider hints this morning that we could see two new retina mini versions, one in the third quarter of 2013 and an enhanced version, with faster processor, in the first quarter of 2014. I will certainly update but I am convinced I will stick with the smaller-sized iPad. The mini is the perfect tablet in my book.

I never thought I would say this. But I am indeed content here in the second quarter of 2013. I am willing to be surprised by new and scintillating technology but I am not looking forward to it as impatiently and as avidly as I did the in the past. The Apple system, both in terms of hardware and back-office services, has reached a comfortable and stable plateau.

by Mike Evans, 6 May 2013