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Reeding, Wrangling and procrastinating


I read enough articles on productivity to know that procrastination is the enemy of progress. Yet I am guilty as charged when it comes to finding an alternative RSS aggregator when Google pull the plug on Google Reader at the end of the month. At the moment I do not have a better hole to go to.

Google Reader will be missed but, I hope, will be replaced in the nick of time. There are already several good alternative services, most of them requiring an annual subscription. I don’t mind the odd $20 or so if I can get a reliable service and can be sure that the the developers will be in business for a long time. What we do not need is another hiatus in twelve months’ time.

I am hearing good things about Wrangler, a straight replacement for Google’s service and, as with most similar startups, direct import of feeds from Google is supported. Several opinion leaders, including Mac developer David Smith have already made the change and are finding satisfaction despite teething problems.

Today comes news that Reeder, my standard newsreader app on Mac, iPhone and iPad is to support Wrangler. Federico Viticci of Macstories is already an advocate of Wrangler and he is endorsing the Wrangler/Reeder combination.

Why am I still sitting on the fence? For starters, I do not think the versions of Reeder currently available yet incorporate feed services other than Google. But above all, I want to be absolutely sure that the service I choose, especially if I have to pay for it, is the best available and one that will survive. The clock is ticking but I have a few weeks to ponder. Any views from readers would be appreciated.


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