Operation Lock Almost: One way to tame that skittering focus point on the Leica...

Operation Lock. That’s what Panasonic calls it. All modern Panasonic Lumix cameras, as far as I know, offer this quick and convenient method of locking down the controls so you can be sure none of your settings will be upset by itchy fingers or wandering thumbs. Similar features are common in many modern cameras. But Leica has steadfastly refused to add an easily operated operation lock function to prevent the four-way pad or the joystick (where fitted) from moving the focus point around unbidden.

Search Engine Optimisation: A tool to help people find Macfilos articles

What's the point in posting an article if no-one sees it? Here's how the Macfilos team try to minimise the chance of that happening. They explain what goes into the business of search engine optimisation.

Intuition, exposure and the decisive moment

Jonathan Slack shares his thoughts on photography after 15 years as a Leica beta tester...

Leica M11-P: The world’s first camera to offer image authentication with Content Credentials

Leica's -P upgrade is usually a cosmetic affair with minor technical changes. With the M11-P, however, the company has created a world first — the incorporation of Content Credentials hardware to authenticate every photograph taken. It is a game changer for the digital camera world and Leica is the first company to offer the system...

The Pre-Tech Office 1: Behind the banking desk in the historic 1960s

Office life in the 1960s — manual typewriters, no computers, hard-slog hands-on labour. Mike takes a look into the past...
A view into a tiny lab shows why it is hard to say farewell to the darkroom

Turn off the red light: My farewell to the darkroom

An own darkroom was a dream for many photographers long ago. The author has kept working in his lab until 2022. But then he had to say goodbye - and did it with an emotional project
Rollei 35RF camera and computer with the LensTagger Lightroom plugin on the screen

LensTagger Lightroom plugin: A useful tool for fans of film photography and vintage lenses

LensTagger is a very helpful plugin for Adobe Lightroom CC. It allows adding information to the Exif file within your image. Great for film and vintage lens users - this review shows a functioning workflow.

Morning Pages: My experience and the benefits…

Martin Sketchley introduces us to the first job of his day, his 20-minute creation of "morning pages". Could you benefit from preparing your own morning pages?

Decent Exposure Part 2: Hand-held light meters and what they are good for

The second part of our lightmeter review focuses on hand-held models, starting with the iconic Gossen Lunasix F and ending with Sekonic’s high-tech wonders…

Oops, I did it again. But is it really a good idea to develop...

Film is enjoying a renaissance, especially among younger photographers. But do you process your own films? Have you entered the mysterious world of the darkroom? Jörg-Peter brings us up to date on home developing techniques...

Reject all: Perfect antidote to cookie crap

Who enjoys ploughing through those intrusive cookie preference panels that bedevil every website these days? Is it time to push back and "reject all" once and for all? Mike gets on his high horse...

Quo vadis, good and faithful slide film?

The real slide show is fast disappearing. Slide film and the once-mighty supporting paraphernalia, is slipping from us. All that will be left, soon, is the digital nomenclature of Powerpoint and slide show...

Back to basics with the MacBook Air

Mike break's a long-standing aversion to buying the basic computer. Instead of ticking all the upgrade boxes, he's chosen the cheapest, the most basic MacBook Air. Will it prove sensible or will he regret that 256GB disk in particular...

Zeiss ZX1: a three-year wait but is it too late?

Three years ago, when the Zeiss ZX1 was released, the promise of a fully featured full-frame camera with smartphone connectivity was almost science fiction. How does the camera fare when such features are now commonplate? Roderick Field takes a ZX1 on a canal trip to discover its potential...

Parker 51: The Leica M3 of the pen world offers a peerless writing experience

5 YEARS AGO ON MACFILOS What were you up to five years ago? Well, I was enjoying a reunion with the iconic (overused word, that,...