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Google Gone: Business as usual


This morning, as far as I am aware, Google pulled the plug on Google Reader. I’m not entirely sure because I haven’t missed it one little bit. My migration to Feed Wrangler was painless and it is now business as usual on a Monday morning. I am beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about. Now I need to turn my attention to getting rid of Google Feedburner, the RSS management tool because I am convinced it is next in line for the chop. Moving from Feedburner is not so straightforward as migrating from GR. All subscribers to MacFilos are currently being serviced by Feedburner and I do not think there is any way of automatically redirecting them to a native Squarespace subscription. Nonetheless, Feedburner is on death row and I will execute as soon as possible. Then, I will not need Google for anything. I can close my Gmail account. After all, this seems to be Google’s aim: Get rid of all the time wasters and fellow travellers.

Anyone have tips on how to ditch Feedburner as painlessly as possible?


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