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Feed Wrangler gets Reeder iPhone support


The past week saw a rush of last-minute activity before yesterday’s Done Googling deadline. I had already moved to Feed Wrangler because it seems to offer the most complete solution, with extensive third-party application interest.  Crucially, Feed Wrangler’s own iOS apps and the web app are useful out of the box. They are basic but get the job done. I actually rather like the web app for its simplicity and easy of use. However, if you do not take to Feed Wrangler’s reading solutions, there are now several good alternatives.

Mr. Reader for the iPad is doing a grand job of handling my news feeds. And today, Reeder returns with a compatible iPhone app. I have tried it and it works just like it did with GR. But a major disappointment is the lack of support for Feed Wrangler’s Smart Streams. Mr.Reader and ReadKit can do it, so I am not sure why it is missing from Reeder.

As a previous multi-device Reeder fan, I still miss the experience on the iPad and Mac. Yet I am becoming a  convert to ReadKit on the Mac and Mr.Reader on the iPad. I just wish Mr.Reader’s Oliver Fuerniss would give in and give us a first-level Instapaper button. In this respect, Reeder’s swipe across a news item can be set up to action your choice of Instapaper or other popular sharing sites. Mr. Reader still needs a two-stage action.  I respect Oliver’s refusal to single out Instapaper for favourable treatment, but a user-customisable button or swipe action would make the app so much more fluid.

So far, the fuss over Google Reader has been well worthwhile. We are discovering new horizons and sending some long-overdue tender loving care in the direction of RSS.  I can honestly say I do not miss Google Reader in the slightest. I am also happier paying for the Feed Wrangler service rather than relying on a free option than can be pulled at the drop of a hat.


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