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MacBook Ether, lighter than Air


When Steve Jobs pulled the first 13in MacBook Air out of its buff envelope in January 2008 the tech world gasped. This was a glimpse of the future. But even Jobs could not have predicted the tremendous success of the Air. It is now the definitive entry-level MacBook and holds its own against competing products, including many look-alikes, which are up to 70 percent cheaper.

Since 2008 a lot has happened in the world of electronics. Everything has shrunk. We have become addicted to our iPads and iPad minis which offer as much computing power and experience as most people need. Instead of sitting in front of a desk with computer, keyboard, monitor and mouse, new converts to computing are increasingly settling for the inuitive and cosy world of the tablet.

With the trend to miniaturisation showing no signs of slowing, is it now time for Apple to introduce a lighter, cheaper range of OS X computers? J.M.Manness, writing in Seeking Alpha, believes there is a case. He calls his hypothetical device the MacBook Ether, an entry level computer that will extend Apple’s market share and challenge the opposition while leaving the Air as the company’s full-featured entry level range.


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