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Editorial for iPad: The new app of excellence for writers


I have huge respect for Federico Viticci of MacStories. When he tells me that a new iPad Markdown editor is revolutionary I take notice. When a clutch of other respected writers tell me the same thing I am tending to be convinced. Even before downloading Editorial I knew I was going to love it.

Not only has Federico reviewed Editorial, he has produced one of the most comprehensive reviews of a new software product I have ever seen. This is not just a review, it is a full-blown manual with no fewer than 41 sections devoted to every last feature of Editorial. Surprisingly, a similarly comprehensive and enthusiastic test has been published by Gabe Weatherhead at MacDrifter. With two such recommendations, Editorial is likely to be the text editor to beat in future months.

This story is my first experience of using Editorial but I look forwward to making it an integral part of my daily workflow. But Editorial is much more than simply a new tool for writers. It is an example of the sort of innovation in iOS software that is turning the iPad into a first choice for productivity. On the other hand, innovation in Mac apps is sadly lacking. The focus of attention has turned to the iPad and to touch computing. I cannot think of one Mac editor that even approaches the sophistication, feature list nor ease of use that has been incorporated in Editorial by Ole Zorn of omz-software.

Editorial is currently selling in the App Store for £2.99.