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Sense in the air as restrictions on devices are eased


At long last we are beginning to see sense in the air. The Federal Aviation Administration is to relax rules on the use of electronic devices such as phones, tablets and e-readers, during take-off and landing. No longer will the inoffensive Kindle addict be treated unfairly while his neighbour continues to read The Times. Wireless will have to be switched off, course, during the time on board, and that seems a sensible precaution (except, as I found out, this means I cannot use a bluetooth keyboard with my iPad mini). But for the majority, the relaxation will make life a lot easier. It is obvious that many airline passengers forget to turn off their phones or select air mode and the new regulations will do nothing to address that particular problem. Still, I cannot recall one safety incidence involving a live phone stored in an overhead locker. Let us hope this sensible move by the FAA will be followed by other regulators, including our own Civil Aviation Authority.


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