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New Day One: Now when did I go to Lagos


Nice new Mac version of my favourite journalling app, Day One, arrived along with Mavericks. It looks good and I was impressed to be able to call up a map of where I did my journal posts (which, presumably, equates to where I was). Unsurprisingly, the UK heads the list with 302, Greece comes next with 64 and the US with a miserable seven. Strangely, I spent ten days in Germany and I wonder if this could be so. Curiously, although I visited China this year there is no entry against the Middle Kingdom. Could this be something to do with censorship, I wonder? Equally surprising, I appear to have spent nine days off the African coast near Lagos. This is a lie. I now have nearly 1,000 day entries in Day One, so I presume the location stats are covering a period of just over one year judging by the total of my worldly travels. Nonetheless, it’s a nice way of tracking where you are, even if the middle of the Atlantic off Lagos is an uncomfortable spot. I’d prefer the middle of the Middle Kingdom.