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Apple Design: Perfectionists of the world unite


Long before I bought my first Mac in 2005 I was an admirer of Apple design. I really wanted a Mac years before I eventually succumbed. What was stopping me, in fact, was my company’s reliance on Windows and a need for me to toe the line. Since then I have continued to be mesmerised by the sheer perfection of Jony Ive’s many creations for Apple. As a Leica fan (another of my passions) I really took to his and Marc Newson’s Mac-ised M camera.

The latest collaboration between the two design gurus is a red Mac Pro which is to be auctioned at Southeby’s and is expected to raise upwards of $60,000 for charity. Yet the new shiny black Mac Pro, aimed at less exalted mortals, is a triumph in its own right. I absolutely love it and want one on the aesthetics alone. I could see new Pro sitting on my desk, something I thought would never happen when I banished the last ugly beige PC box some ten years ago. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the all-red Pro.