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iPad Air or iPad Mini: The decision


Two days to go to lift off and I have just made up my mind to order a new iPad mini in preference to the larger iPad Air. I haven’t been the only one with this dilemma. Some writers have said that the lighter full-sized iPad is now a better bet than the mini. Others disagree and point to the fact that the small tablet is every bit as good as its larger brother, just as pretty and just as powerful but with a smaller screen. Federico Viticci of Macstories has come to the same conclusion and is ordering the smaller tablet:

I have been using the iPad mini as my primary computer for the past year, and I’ve been able to get work done for MacStories without significant compromises – using my Mac for those couple of apps and workflows that still aren’t available on the iPad. I am typing this article on my iPad mini right now with Editorial and a Bluetooth keyboard. When I’m not working with an external keyboard at my desk, I find the iPad mini’s size to be just perfect for the way I want to use an iPad and carry it around with me.

I also will go for another mini. I have been more than happy with the current model over the past twelve months and I agree with all the points Federico makes in his article. The extra speed and the retina screen is just icing on a pretty perfect little tablet.