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iPhone car mode could help reduce accidents


Despite heavy penalties for making handheld calls or texting while driving it is clear from simple observation that the practice is still rife. Texting while at the wheel is totally inexcusable and holding a phone to the ear is almost as reprehensible. I find that even handsfree calls can be distracting and I try my utmost to avoid using my iPhone when driving.

Enter car mode. Designers Joey Cofone and Michael Vanderby have given us a glimpse of what car mode, a near-relation of airplane mode, could bring. MacTrast reports on the proposition and shows us how car mode would look on the iPhone’s control panel.

As MacTrast points out, there are two big snags. First, it would be easy for persistent offenders to switch off car mode: No nagging airline staff to worry about in the comfort of your own car. Secondly, if car mode is made automatic what would happen to passengers’ phones.

Despite these reservations, I think there is some value in this proposal and it certainly warrants further investigation.