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Ordering an iPad for in-store collection


I had to search around this morning to find out how to place an iPad order for in-store collection. This is Apple’s new idea which makes much more sense than ordering through the on-line store and then waiting for shipping from China. Only after a call to Apple did I nail down the non-too-obvious ordering page. Click here to go straight to the UK site and place an order. Click on “Make a reservation” and not “Find a store” on the first screen or you will go straight to Genious Bar reservations. After selecting “Make a reservation” you will go to the next screen where you can select a store[↩︎] and then a product. Unfortunately only lower-memory wifi-only iPad minis are currently available. All cellular models are listed as “unavailable.”

[↩︎] Looks like only larger stores are participating, probably because of storage problems at the smaller, Mall-sized outlets.