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Curious case of the negative analyst


For the past year I have often wondered why Apple attracts so much negative comment from financial analysts. However successful Apple appears, however much profit it stacks up, there is always a negative: “Market share is falling, other manufacturers are catching up, Apple’s success cannot continue.” It’s almost as though the analysists are rooting for Apple’s demise. Perhaps they are.

This week Apple Insider carried a report on this very subject with particular reference to three well-known market watchers. Daniel Eran Dilger writes

Strategy Analytics sells its research, like Gartner and IDC, in the form of reports that cost corporate buyers thousands of dollars. Only a tiny portion of that data is outlined in the firms’ public press releases, because those firms are in business to make money, not just give away collected data. In addition to selling reports, marketing firms also offer a variety of other consulting services.

As Strategy Analytics notes, “we support our clients with a variety of high-stakes projects, including: new product development and product roadmaps; driving existing products down the cost curve; bundled pricing strategies; infrastructure investment and optimization; new market penetration and market expansion; influencing consumer behavior and buying preferences, and many more short- and long-term initiatives.”

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