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Water damage: Apple comforts closeted readers


I used to have a colleague who repeatedly dropped his electronic devices (mostly pagers in those days) into the toilet. Rumour has it that many iPhones have disappeared down the pan in the same way and, I suppose, there’s a certain risk to being in a state of undress with one’s pockets vulnerable to slippage. Now, if Apple Insider is to be believed, water babies are to receive some belated comfort from Apple. Following a change to its Reuse and Recycling Program small print, Apple could be tempted to allow water-sodden devices to be traded in at a suitable discount. This applies not just to portable devices that fit in the drain but also to Macs, always vulerable to the odd drop of coffee. I hope I don’t need the service but it is encouraging that Apple is at least showing some concern for the clumsy clogs among us.